Privacy Policy


We are here to protect your privacy just like we keep our data secure

Our privacy policy is very straight forward and simple in nature to understand, any information or detail you give by filling of form, raising query, contacting us, using mobile app or otherwise then it stays with us securely. We do not distribute, rent, sell, provide to anyone else outside our system, lend, or otherwise distribute your personal information in any way to anyone for any reason. This includes any and all of your contact information including your order/ purchase information.


Please be assured that Within our organization(s), your personal data or other relevant data is accessible to only a limited number of employees/ staff or members with special access privileges.


Information Collected

To enable you and ease your access to our website including placing an order on our website, we need to have the information about you including but not limited to Your First Name, Your Last Name, Your Address, area, location, City, PIN code, State, Country, Phone Number and /or Contact E-mail address and sometime may be more.

Apart from such information, our systems collect certain details/ specifics about your computer internet connection by any means like your IP address when you visit our website, mobile app etc.

We wish to inform and ensure that we do not allow any unauthorized person/ entity or organization to use any/all such information collected from you.


Information Modification

You are free to modify any of your personal details by visiting Edit Profile option anytime on our website.


Information Sharing

To some level, few of the information has to be passed/ provided on/ to the credit card processing companies, courier companies, vendors, partners, fraud detection and avoidance teams etc. to enable such departments or team to accomplish their functions and objectives related to your order or purchase completion. Apart from such business requirements, the information which we have collected may also be shared with law enforcing agencies, authorities and or such organizations of similar nature for the safety of our customers, buyers, website, company, employees, management, other affiliates associated with us etc.


Information Usage

The information which we have collected from you from several items will have the usage of the information collected from you is your email or phone number which is primarily used to provide information to you regarding your order and its associated status. Your email id or contact details such as phone number Is or may also be used to inform you or provide information directly to you for your customer service related issues/ queries or otherwise and for any newsletters which are to be sent for several purposes. All other information we have collected is kept confidentially stored and is not disclosed unless or otherwise needed as per the order or requirement of the law enforcing agencies, organizations or authorities or in case of any disputes